Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For privacy reasons, students names will not be posted. Each individual student has received a copy of their scores. These scores should be kept in a safe place, so the student can revisit them to compare future results. The instructor will also record the scores to keep track of throughout the year.

As a class, the students performed very well. There were 24 students who performed the test. The average score was 10.45 Inches, which is passing. The standard deviation was 1.67, which determines that all of the students were close to the average mark. The scores ranged from 6.5 Inches to the Maximum of 12 Inches. Of the 24 students, 10 of them are boys, 14 are girls. 9 out of the 10 boys received a score of 9 Inches or higher. 12 out of 14 Girls received a score of 9 or higher. These results show that gender doesn't play a major role in the outcome of this test.

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