Friday, November 19, 2010


The trunk lift test is easy to set-up and administer. The test administrator will set up mats in the gymnasium before class. The other materials needed will be 12 or 15 inch rulers, and pennies (Amounts vary depending on class size). The rulers can be made out of a heavy stock paper, poster board, or card board. This will allow for students to make a mark on the ruler, as well as be cost effective. The pennies will be used as a focus marker, for students to keep their eyes on during the test. The students will be split up into pairs, one student will perform the test, the other will measure and record the scores. The performer will lie face down on the mat (prone position). Their hands should be placed under their thighs and their toes should be pointed. The penny/ marker will be placed in line with the students eyes. During the movement phase the students must maintain focus on the marker to avoid looking straight. The student will lift the upper body off the floor in a slow, controlled manner, while maintaining their focus on the marker. Students should be informed to lift no higher than 12 inches to avoid injury. The students should keep their head straight, in alignment with the spine. The position should be held long enough for their partner to measure. The partner will measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the performers chin. The ruler should be kept at least an inch from the performers face. After the measurement, the student will go back to the starting position and perform a second trial. The highest of the two scores should be recorded. Anything recorded as higher than 12 inches should be recorded as 12 inches.

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