Friday, November 19, 2010


Each student will receive a worksheet that has the criteria for the assessment. The worksheet covers the critical components of the test, and lists the passing scores for specific grade levels. As long as students show up to class prepared, and participate in the assessment, they will receive credit. Students who meet the desired score will receive extra credit. The results will simply be recorded as Satisfactory or Needs Improvement.  Below is a copy of the sheet that all students will receive. It is important to remind your students that they should NOT lift over the 12 inch mark. Lifting beyond the 12 inch mark could lead to injury.

Trunk Lift Test
Assessment Task Sheet

Why is this test important?  The trunk lift test is extremely important, because of its relationship to lower back health. The test measures strength and flexibility in the muscles of the back, abdomen and hamstrings. Trunk extensor strength and flexibility is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy back.

Test Objective: To slowly lift the upper body off the floor, NO MORE THAN 12 INCHES, using the muscles of the back. Participant should hold the position for measurement.

Circle “Yes” if performed.
Circle “No” if not performed.

1. Face down with hands tucked under quads.

YES                        NO

2. Eyes stay down, looking at the marker/ penny.

YES                        NO

3. Lifts body up, NO MORE THAN 12 INCHES, in a slow and controlled manner.

YES                        NO

4. Perform 2 trials.

YES                        NO

5.  6 TO 12 Inches = Passing for both boys and girls K-8 
      9 TO 12 Inches = Passing for High School Students.

YES                        NO

Inches Attained:___________________________

Performers Name:____________________________________

Partner’s Name:_______________________________________

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